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Paws deutsch

paws deutsch

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Restricting the sensitive accounts to using only hardened PAWs is a straightforward protection for these accounts that is both highly usable for administrators and very difficult for an adversary to defeat.

This section contains information on how the security of alternate approaches compares to PAW and how to correctly integrate these approaches within a PAW architecture.

All of these approaches carry significant risks when implemented in isolation, but can add value to a PAW implementation in some scenarios.

Introduced in Windows 10, Credential Guard uses hardware and virtualization-based security to mitigate common credential theft attacks, such as Pass-the-Hash, by protecting the derived credentials.

These are powerful mitigations, but workstations can still be vulnerable to certain attacks even if the credentials are protected by Credential Guard or Windows Hello for Business.

Attacks can include abusing privileges and use of credentials directly from a compromised device, reusing previously stolen credentials prior to enabling Credential Guard and abuse of management tools and weak application configurations on the workstation.

The PAW guidance in this section includes the use of many of these technologies for high sensitivity accounts and tasks. An administrative virtual machine Admin VM is a dedicated operating system for administrative tasks hosted on a standard user desktop.

While this approach is similar to PAW in providing a dedicated OS for administrative tasks, it has a fatal flaw in that the administrative VM is dependent on the standard user desktop for its security.

The diagram below depicts the ability of attackers to follow the control chain to the target object of interest with an Admin VM on a User Workstation and that it is difficult to create a path on the reverse configuration.

Administrative "Jump Server" architectures set up a small number administrative console servers and restrict personnel to using them for administrative tasks.

This is typically based on remote desktop services, a 3rd-party presentation virtualization solution, or a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure VDI technology.

This approach is frequently proposed to mitigate risk to administration and does provide some security assurances, but the jump server approach by itself is vulnerable to certain attacks because it violates the "clean source" principle.

The clean source principle requires all security dependencies to be as trustworthy as the object being secured. This figure depicts a simple control relationship.

Any subject in control of an object is a security dependency of that object. If an adversary can control a security dependency of a target object subject , they can control that object.

The administrative session on the jump server relies on the integrity of the local computer accessing it. If this computer is a user workstation subject to phishing attacks and other internet-based attack vectors, then the administrative session is also subject to those risks.

The figure above depicts how attackers can follow an established control chain to the target object of interest. While some advanced security controls like multi-factor authentication can increase the difficulty of an attacker taking over this administrative session from the user workstation, no security feature can fully protect against technical attacks when an attacker has administrative access of the source computer e.

The default configuration in this PAW guidance installs administrative tools on the PAW, but a jump server architecture can also be added if required.

This figure shows how reversing the control relationship and accessing user apps from an admin workstation gives the attacker no path to the targeted object.

The user jump server is still exposed to risk so appropriate protective controls, detective controls, and response processes should still be applied for that internet-facing computer.

This figure shows how accessing an administrative jump server from a PAW adds no path for the attacker into the administrative assets.

A jump server with a PAW allows in this case you to consolidate the number of locations for monitoring administrative activity and distributing administrative applications and tools.

This adds some design complexity, but can simplify security monitoring and software updates if a large number of accounts and workstations are used in your PAW implementation.

The jump server would need to be built and configured to similar security standards as the PAW. Privileged Management solutions are applications that provide temporary access to discrete privileges or privileged accounts on demand.

Privilege management solutions are an extremely valuable component of a complete strategy to secure privileged access and provide critically important visibility and accountability of administrative activity.

These solutions typically use a flexible workflow to grant access and many have additional security features and capabilities like service account password management and integration with administrative jump servers.

Microsoft recommends using a PAW to access privilege management solutions. Access to these solutions should be granted only to PAWs.

Microsoft does not recommend using these solutions as a substitute for a PAW because accessing privileges using these solutions from a potentially compromised user desktop violates the clean source principle as depicted in the diagram below:.

Providing a PAW to access these solutions enables you to gain the security benefits of both PAW and the privilege management solution, as depicted in this diagram:.

These systems should be classified at the highest tier of the privilege they manage and be protected at or above that level of security.

These are commonly configured to manage Tier 0 solutions and Tier 0 assets and should be classified at Tier 0.

For more information on the tier model, see http: Microsoft uses the PAW architectural approach both internally on our systems as well as with our customers.

Microsoft uses administrative workstations internally in a number of capacities including administration of Microsoft IT infrastructure, Microsoft cloud fabric infrastructure development and operations, and other high value assets.

This guidance is directly based on the Privileged Access Workstation PAW reference architecture deployed by our cybersecurity professional services teams to protect customers against cybersecurity attacks.

The administrative workstations are also a key element of the strongest protection for domain administration tasks, the Enhanced Security Administrative Environment ESAE administrative forest reference architecture.

In simplest terms, a PAW is a hardened and locked down workstation designed to provide high security assurances for sensitive accounts and tasks.

PAWs are recommended for administration of identity systems, cloud services, and private cloud fabric as well as sensitive business functions.

PAW creates a trusted workstation environment that can be used by one or more accounts. In order to provide the greatest security, PAWs should always run the most up-to-date and secure operating system available: Microsoft strongly recommends Windows 10 Enterprise, which includes a number of additional security features not available in other editions in particular, Credential Guard and Device Guard.

Education customers can use Windows 10 Education. Windows 10 Home should not be used for a PAW. For a comparison matrix of the different editions of Windows 10, read this article.

The security controls in PAW are focused on mitigating the highest impact and most likely risks of compromise. These include mitigating attacks on the environment and mitigating risks that the PAW controls may degrade over time:.

Internet attacks - Most attacks originate directly or indirectly from internet sources and use the internet for exfiltration and command and control C2.

Usability risk - If a PAW is too difficult to use for daily tasks, administrators will be motivated to create workarounds to make their jobs easier. This is frequently accomplished by listening to their feedback, installing tools and scripts required to perform their jobs, and ensuring all administrative personnel are aware of why they need to use a PAW, what a PAW is, and how to use it correctly and successfully.

Environment risks - Because many other computers and accounts in the environment are exposed to internet risk directory or indirectly, a PAW must be protected against attacks from compromised assets in the production environment.

This requires limiting the management tools and accounts that have access to the PAWs to the absolute minimum required to secure and monitor these specialized workstations.

This includes validating the integrity of all installation media Clean Source Principle and using a trusted and reputable supplier for hardware and software.

Physical attacks - Because PAWs can be physically mobile and used outside of physically secure facilities, they must be protected against attacks that leverage unauthorized physical access to the computer.

A PAW will not protect an environment from an adversary that has already gained administrative access over an Active Directory Forest.

Because many existing implementations of Active Directory Domain Services have been operating for years at risk of credential theft, organizations should assume breach and consider the possibility that they may have an undetected compromise of domain or enterprise administrator credentials.

An organization that suspects domain compromise should consider the use of professional incident response services. For more information on response and recovery guidance, see the "Respond to suspicious activity" and "Recover from a breach" sections of Mitigating Pass-the-Hash and Other Credential Theft , version 2.

Administrative personnel are also standard users too - they need not only a PAW, but also a standard user workstation to check email, browse the web, and access corporate line of business applications.

Ensuring that administrators can remain both productive and secure is essential to the success of any PAW deployment. A secure solution that dramatically limits productivity will be abandoned by the users in favor of one that enhances productivity even if it is done in an insecure manner.

In order to balance the need for security with the need for productivity, Microsoft recommends using one of these PAW hardware profiles:.

Dedicated hardware - Separate dedicated devices for user tasks vs. Simultaneous Use - Single device that can run user tasks and administrative tasks concurrently by taking advantage of OS or presentation virtualization.

Organizations may use only one profile or both. There are no interoperability concerns between the hardware profiles, and organizations have the flexibility to match the hardware profile to the specific need and situation of a given administrator.

It is critical that, in all of these scenarios, administrative personnel are issued a standard user account that is separate from designated administrative account s.

The administrative account s should only be used on the PAW administrative operating system. This table summarizes the relative advantages and disadvantages of each hardware profile from the perspective of operational ease-of-use and productivity and security.

Both hardware approaches provide strong security for administrative accounts against credential theft and reuse.

This guidance contains the detailed instructions for the PAW configuration for the dedicated hardware approach. If you have requirements for the simultaneous use hardware profiles, you can adapt the instructions based on this guidance yourself or hire a professional services organization like Microsoft to assist with it.

In this scenario, a PAW is used for administration that is completely separate from the PC that is used for daily activities like email, document editing, and development work.

All administrative tools and applications are installed on the PAW and all productivity applications are installed on the standard user workstation.

The step by step instructions in this guidance are based on this hardware profile. In this simultaneous use scenario, a single PC is used for both administration tasks and daily activities like email, document editing, and development work.

In this configuration, the user operating system is available while disconnected for editing documents and working on locally cached email , but requires hardware and support processes that can accommodate this disconnected state.

With Windows 10 Hyper-V, a guest virtual machine also running Windows 10 can have a rich user experience including sound, video, and Internet communications applications such as Skype for Business.

In this configuration, daily work that does not require administrative privileges is done in the user OS virtual machine which has a regular corporate Windows 10 image and is not subject to restrictions applied to the PAW host.

All administrative work is done on the Admin OS. Read Client Hyper-V article for more information about this capability.

Please note that the operating system in guest virtual machines will need to be licensed per Microsoft product licensing , also described here.

In this simultaneous use scenario, a single PC is used for both administration tasks and daily activities like email, document editing and development work.

The physical hardware runs a single PAW operating system locally for administrative tasks and contacts a Microsoft or 3rd party remote desktop service for user applications such as email, document editing, and line of business applications.

In this configuration, daily work that does not require administrative privileges is done in the Remote OS es and applications which are not subject to restrictions applied to the PAW host.

The remote desktop services could be hosted in many ways including:. For more information on Azure RemoteApp, visit this page. This section contains guidance on which scenarios this PAW guidance should be applied to.

In all scenarios, administrators should be trained to only use PAWs for performing support of remote systems. To encourage successful and secure usage, all PAW users should be also be encouraged to provide feedback to improve the PAW experience and this feedback should be reviewed carefully for integration with your PAW program.

In all scenarios, additional hardening in later phases and different hardware profiles in this guidance may be used to meet the usability or security requirements of the roles.

This guidance explicitly differentiates between requiring access to specific services on the internet such as Azure and Office administrative portals and the "Open Internet" of all hosts and services.

See the Tier model page for more information on the Tier designations. Combination scenarios some personnel may have administrative responsibilities that span multiple scenarios.

In these cases, the key rules to keep in mind are that the Tier model rules must be followed at all times. See the Tier model page for more information.

Scaling the PAW Program as your PAW program scales to encompass more admins and roles, you need to continue to ensure that you maintain adherence to the security standards and usability.

This may require you to update your IT support structures or create new ones to resolve PAW specific challenges such as PAW onboarding process, incident management, configuration management, and gathering feedback to address usability challenges.

One example may be that your organization decides to enable work-from-home scenarios for administrators, which would necessitate a shift from desktop PAWs to laptop PAWs - a shift which may necessitate additional security considerations.

For more considerations which must be addressed as you scale your PAW program, see Phase 2 of the instructions. This guidance contains the detailed instructions for the PAW configuration for the scenarios as noted above.

If you have requirements for the other scenarios, you can adapt the instructions based on this guidance yourself or hire a professional services organization like Microsoft to assist with it.

For more information on engaging Microsoft services to design a PAW tailored for your environment, contact your Microsoft representative or visit this page.

This section will provide detailed instructions which will allow you to build your own PAW using general principles and concepts very similar to those used by Microsoft IT and Microsoft cloud engineering and service management organizations.

The instructions are divided into three phases which focus on putting the most critical mitigations in place quickly and then progressively increasing and expanding the usage of PAW for the enterprise.

It is important to note that the phases should always be performed in order even if they are planned and implemented as part of the same overall project.

Provides a PAW quickly that can protect on-premises domain and forest administration roles. Tier 0 Administrators including Enterprise Admins, Domain Admins for all domains , and administrators of other authoritative identity systems.

Phase 1 focuses on the administrators who manage your on-premises Active Directory domain, which are critically important roles frequently targeted by attackers.

During this phase, you will create the secure administrative Active Directory organizational unit OU structure to host your privileged access workstation PAW , as well as deploy the PAWs themselves.

This structure also includes the group policies and groups required to support the PAW. You will create most of the structure using PowerShell scripts which are available at TechNet Gallery.

You will also create a number of group policy objects: Ensure that all administrators use separate, individual accounts for administration and end user activities including email, Internet browsing, line-of-business applications, and other non-administrative activities.

Assigning an administrative account to each authorized personnel separate from their standard user account is fundamental to the PAW model, as only certain accounts will be permitted to log onto the PAW itself.

Each administrator should use his or her own account for administration. Do not share an administrative account.

Minimize the number of Tier 0 privileged administrators. Because each administrator must use a PAW, reducing the number of administrators reduces the number of PAWs required to support them and the associated costs.

The lower count of administrators also results in lower exposure of these privileges and associated risks. While it is possible for administrators in one location to share a PAW, administrators in separate physical locations will require separate PAWs.

Acquire hardware from a trusted supplier that meets all technical requirements. Microsoft recommends acquiring hardware that meets the technical requirements in the article Protect domain credentials with Credential Guard.

PAW installed on hardware without these capabilities can provide significant protections, but advanced security features such as Credential Guard and Device Guard will not be available.

Credential Guard and Device Guard are not required for Phase 1 deployment, but are strongly recommended as part of Phase 3 advanced hardening.

Ensure that the hardware used for the PAW is sourced from a manufacturer and supplier whose security practices are trusted by the organization.

This is an application of the clean source principle to supply chain security. For more background on the importance of supply chain security, visit this site.

Acquire and validate the required Windows 10 Enterprise Edition and application software. Obtain the software required for PAW and validate it using the guidance in Clean Source for installation media.

Remote Server Administration Tools for Windows Windows 10 Security Baselines. Microsoft publishes MD5 hashes for all operating systems and applications on MSDN, but not all software vendors provide similar documentation.

In those cases, other strategies will be required. For additional information on validating software, please refer to Clean Source for installation media.

Ensure you have WSUS server available on the intranet. This WSUS server should be configured to automatically approve all security updates for Windows 10 or an administrative personnel should have responsibility and accountability to rapidly approve software updates.

For more information, see the "Automatically Approve Updates for Installation" section in the Approving Updates guidance. Download all of the files and save them to the same directory, and run them in the order specified below.

Do not modify any of the scripts or the comma-separated value CSV file. This script will create the new global security groups in the appropriate OUs.

This script will assign permissions to the new OUs to the appropriate groups. Move each account that is a member of the Domain Admin, Enterprise Admin, or Tier 0 equivalent groups including nested membership to this OU.

In these cases, the same personnel may be assigned to both roles, but should not use the same account for these functions. Do not add these settings to the Default Domain Policy.

Doing so will potentially impact operations on your entire Active Directory environment. Select the Update action, and select "Administrators built-in " do not use the Browse button to select the domain group Administrators.

Select the Delete all member users and Delete all member groups check boxes. To ensure that PAW Users cannot accidentally or deliberately modify the security settings of the PAW itself, they should not be members of the local Administrators groups.

Restrict Local Group Membership - this setting will ensure that the membership of local admin groups on the workstation is always empty.

Select the Update action, and select "Backup Operators built-in " do not use the Browse button to select the domain group Backup Operators. Do not add any members to the group.

By assigning an empty list, group policy will automatically remove all members and ensure a blank membership list each time group policy is refreshed.

Follow the steps below to configure this setting:. You may add addresses or subnets which must reach the PAW with unsolicited traffic at this point e.

The settings in the WFW file will enable the firewall in "Block - Default" mode for all firewall profiles, turn off rule merging and enable logging of both dropped and successful packets.

These settings will block unsolicitied traffic while still allowing bidirectional communication on connections initiated from the PAW, prevent users with local administrative access from creating local firewall rules that would override the GPO settings and ensure that traffic in and out of the PAW is logged.

Opening up this firewall will expand the attack surface for the PAW and increase security risk. Change the option Scheduled install day to 0 - Every Day and the option Scheduled install time to your organizational preference.

Block internet browsing - To deter inadvertent internet browsing, this will set a proxy address of a loopback address Click the Common tab and select Remove this item when it is no longer applied.

On the Common tab select Item level targeting and click Targeting. These settings will prevent the administrators from manually overriding the proxy settings.

Restrict Administrators from logging onto lower tier hosts. In this section, we will configure group policies to prevent privileged administrative accounts from logging onto lower tier hosts.

Create the new Restrict Workstation Logon GPO - this setting will restrict Tier 0 and Tier 1 administrator accounts from logging onto standard workstations.

Any custom created groups with effective Tier 0 access, see Tier 0 equivalency for more details. Adversaries specifically seek out corporate images and deployment systems including ISOs, deployment packages, etc.

Set a unique complex password for the local Administrator account. Do not use a password that has been used for any other account in the environment.

Connect the PAW to the network. Replace the references to Fabrikam with your domain name, as appropriate. If your domain name extends to multiple levels e.

Apply all critical and important Windows Updates before installing any other software including administrative tools, agents, etc.

Optional Install additional required tools for Active Directory Admins. Install any other tools or scripts required to perform job duties.

Ensure to evaluate the risk of credential exposure on the target computers with any tool before adding it to a PAW. Access this page to obtain more information on evaluating administrative tools and connection methods for credential exposure risk.

Ensure to obtain all installation media using the guidance in Clean Source for installation media. Optional Download and install required remote access software.

If administrators will be using the PAW remotely for administration, install the remote access software using security guidance from your remote access solution vendor.

Carefully consider all of the risks involved in allowing remote access via a PAW. While a mobile PAW enables many important scenarios, including work from home, remote access software can potentially be vulnerable to attack and used to compromise a PAW.

Validate the integrity of the PAW system by reviewing and confirming that all appropriate settings are in place using the steps below:.

Review the resulting list and ensure that the only group policies that appear are the ones you created above. Confirm that no additional user accounts are members of privileged groups on the PAW using the steps below:.

Open Edit Local Users and Groups lusrmgr. The only members should be the local Administrator account and the PAW Maintenance global security group and PAW Users should not be a member of that global group either.

Also using Edit Local Users and Groups , ensure that the following groups have no members:. The details of this operation will vary based on your SIEM solution.

If your SIEM requires an agent which runs as system or a local administrative account on the PAWs, ensure that the SIEMs are managed with the same level of trust as your domain controllers and identity systems.

All users with administrative rights over mission-critical applications and dependencies. This should include at least administrators of application servers, operational health and security monitoring solutions, virtualization solutions, storage systems, and network devices.

The instructions in this phase assume that Phase 1 has been completed in its entirety. Do not begin Phase 2 until you have completed all of the steps in Phase 1.

Recommended Enable RestrictedAdmin mode - Enable this feature on your existing servers and workstations, then enforce the use of this feature.

This feature will require the target servers to be running Windows Server R2 or later and target workstations to be running Windows 7 or later.

Enable RestrictedAdmin mode on your servers and workstations by following the instructions available in this page.

Before enabling this feature for internet facing servers, you should consider the risk of adversaries being able to authenticate to these servers with a previously-stolen password hash.

This is not necessary for Tier 0 systems as these systems are already in full control of all assets in the environment.

Locate all groups that grant the following administrative rights and move them to this OU. Move each account that is a member of those Tier 1 groups including nested membership to this OU.

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